Special Issue: "Emerging Issues in Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability Management"

Call for Papers for Special Issue:
Emerging Issues in Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability Management" for the Central European Review of Economics and Management.

Margot Hurlbert, PhD, Johnson Shoyama School of Public Policy, University of Regina, Canada

Mac Osazuwa-Peters, Johnson Shoyama School of Public Policy, University of Regina, Canada

The concept of sustainability is driving actions at both corporate and public spheres and at multiple layers of society. For example, current practices in resource exploration, usage and consumption are largely believed to be unsustainable, resulting in problems such as climate change and calls for action in mitigating climate change. However, climate change is a wicked problem, where actions to change current unsustainable practices creating it result in new, sometimes unintended, challenges. Climate change is also a multi sector problem and this Special Issue (SI) focuses on challenges emerging as jurisdictions attempt to move toward sustainability in the energy sector. These challenges are known to have the capacity to either slow down the drive for sustainable practices or completely inhibited a move toward a more sustainable energy future.

Scope of the Special Issue:
This SI offers readers a look at some emerging issues in the broad subject area of sustainable energy and climate change management both from a research, policy and practical viewpoint. The papers in the SI will discuss emerging challenges to a sustainable energy future using specific case studies, they will highlight the different contexts influencing these challenges and responses or actions to meeting them.

The requirements of the manuscripts
The submissions should focus on specific case(s). They must be empirical research using either quantitative or qualitative methods/techniques or conceptual, theoretical and/or policy discussions highlighting issues in energy, climate change and sustainability management.

Key topics include (but not limited to):

  • Energy mixes: Renewables versus non-renewable portfolios
  • Energy system transitions
  • Economic imperatives in climate change and energy systems management
  • Climate change adaptation (multiple sectors applicable)
  • Innovation and climate change management
  • Shaping future regulatory landscapes for sustainable energy development
  • Risk governance of energy systems transitions
  • Indigenous knowledge and climate change management

Please send the abstracts to:


Margot Hurlbert, PhD
Mac Osazuwa-Peters

For further information please see: CEREM Call for Papers.

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