Sharing Economy Questionnaire

Dear BUP colleagues!

We would like to ask you to contribute to our research.

Sharing Economy as one of Circular Economy business models gains more importance between consumers and hence also researchers in the last decade.

To understand what are the main drivers and obstacles in development of Sharing Economy, researchers from different universities are carrying out this survey.

We define Sharing Economy as a socio-economic system based on the sharing of human, physical and intellectual resources, involving digital platforms or organized communities. Exchange can be carried out by means of money, local currencies, swap of services or given away as gifts.

The survey consists of 13 questions and will take just 5-7 minutes to fill out. All your answers will be anonymous and confidential.

In case of any queries, please contact Tatjana Tambovceva

in English

in Russian

Best Regards,
Tatjana Tambovceva
Dr.oec., Professor
Riga Technical University
Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management
Kalnciema street 6, room 213
LV-1048, Riga, Latvia

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