ReGeneration 2030 Movement

Young people in the Baltic Sea Region have expressed their willingness and commitment to take action and implement the 2030 Agenda, and to this purpose they have established the ReGeneration 2030 Movement. The first Summit will take place on the 18-20 August in Åland, where youth will develop a Manifesto declaring their engagement towards the achievement of the SDGs, in particular SDG12. This Manifesto will be delivered to the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference and will be complemented by an Action Plan defining the way to fulfill these commitments.

ReGeneration 2030 is willing to involve more young people and ensure that all countries in the Baltic Sea Region will take part in the Summit. Below you will find a message by the Chair of ReGeneration 2030 Steering Group, Simon Holmström, inviting more participants to the Summit. We kindly ask you to share this message with your youth or interested stakeholders, and we also wish to renew the invitation to all of you who are older than 29 to take part in the Summit. ReGeneration 2030 aims to be a forum for intergenerational learning, where young people will discuss, but also learn from already existing experience. The goal is to define a roadmap where different generation collaborate for building a sustainable future for all.

Baltic 2030 Team

Dear partners and supporters of ReGeneration 2030,

We have all set our sights on a grandiose idea to create a youth movement around Agenda 2030 in the Nordic and Baltic Sea area. Currently, the ReGeneration 2030 team with coordinator Hanna Salmén as a catalyst is planning the success story of the first Summit in its very details.

In order to fulfill our vision of the first Summit we need participants!

Do you know anyone in the age of 15-29 who would be willing to participate in the Summit? Now is the time to recruit them! Please send them this link and nudge them into being part of our fantastic movement:

We need more applications especially from Norway, Greenland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Estonia and Latvia, but all applications are very welcome!

If any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Simon Holmström, or Hanna Salmén,

For more information, visit the ReGeneration 2030 website

Sincerely yours,
Simon Holmström

ReGeneration 2030 Movement