Baltic University Programme

BUP Newsletter no. 55.


  • Introduction by Madeleine Granvik
  • Upcoming Events
  • Symposium 2020
  • BUP Polish Presidency by Ireneusz Zbicinski
  • NRHU and the BUP by Ian Snowball
  • Announcements:
    BUP Award 2018
    BUP Travel Grant
  • Follow-up to the Presidency by Iryna Kriba and Oresta Bordun
  • BUP Students Conference by Bernd Delakowitz, Anke Zenker-Hoffmann and Markus Will
  • EUSBSR 9th Annual Forum by Sylwester Nagórka
  • New Member University
  • Research Notes Letter
  • BUP Teachers Course on ESD by Sinikka Suomalainen
  • BSN Publications
  • New Student Representative
  • Newsletter Information
  • BUP Map by Magnus Lehman
  • Vacations 2018