International Sea Yawls Voyage 2019

Dear BUP member university students and teachers!
You are kindly invited to take part in the International Youth Sea Yawl Voyage.

The preliminary dates for the voyage are: July 28 - August 5, 2019.
To apply for the participation in the voyage please fill out the online Application Form.
Deadline for applications: 31 May 2019.

It has become an annual tradition of the Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy to organize a Sea Yawl Voyage for students and staff of the educational complex (KSTU, BFFSA, Kaliningrad Marine Fishing College) and Gdynia Maritime University at the end of July – beginning of August.

For the guests, an introductory city tour is organized where you will visit the “Amber Museum” located in the centre of Kaliningrad. On the shores of Lake Verkhnee, in the mid-19th century fortress tower, you will visit the “Museum of the World Ocean” and the Quay of the historic fleet. While walking around the city, the participants of the trip will get to know each other.

In a preparatory stage of the voyage training in control and maneuvering of yawls under sail is followed by training in safety at sea and in medical assistance.

The International Youth Sea Yawls Voyage is conducted on the waters of the Curonian Lagoon on the route: Polessk - Lesnoye (Curonian Spit) - Iyulskoye - Polessk.

The total length of the route is more than 70 km, 2/3 of which is crossing the bay from Polessk to Lesnoye (Curonian Spit) and from Lesnoye to Yulskoye.

Lesnoye is a most picturesque place situated in the Curonian Spit National Park. The park was nominated for the National Geographic Traveler Awards 2018 in the category “Best Russian Eco Spot”. Here we will set up a tent camp called “Scarlet Sails”.

There will also be a bus excursion around the Curonian Spit National Park to make the participants more environmentally aware. There is a possibility to visit the "Visitors Center" of the National Park, and the "Ancient Sambia" open-air museum.

Extra activities of the voyage are workshops on spinning fishing on and feeder fishing, sports or touristic competitions, yawl and sail boat races.

Evening activities include fish soup, songs and guitar playing.

The usual number of participants: 50 whereof 28 from the BUP member universities.

The International Youth Sea Yawl Voyage promotes mutual understanding between nations, development of cultural ties between countries.

The participants will have to cover all costs for their travels to and from Kailiningrad themselves. During the event the costs for food and lodging is covered by the organisers.

Please have a look at the preliminary program and more in the BUP Events page.


BUP coordinator

Pontus Ambros
Project Assistant
The Baltic University Programme coordinating secretariat
Uppsala University
Uppsala, Sweden
Pontus Ambros
Local organizer

Pavel Kovalishin
Assoc. Prof.
Kaliningrad State Technical University
Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy
Kaliningrad, Russia
Pavel Kovalishin