How to Become a BUP Participating University

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The Baltic University Programme offers a unique range of activities that echoes the challenges facing our societies today. We have developed themes around which we gather and feature information on the focus areas of the Programme. The Programme creates a rich learning environment with teacher-, research-, and student conferences. The regional perspective is highlighted and the approach is mainly interdisciplinary.

From 2016 and onward, the Baltic University Programme is an organization with participating universities, coming togeher to promote internationalization with a focus on sistainability and democracy. We welcome universities situated in the countries situated in the drainage area of the Baltic Sea as articipating partners of our programme. Reserchers, teachers and students from the participating universities will not only have priority to take part in all BUP activities, but will get access to the following without any extra cost, BUP participation includes:

  1. Conferences for university teachers
  2. PhD students training
  3. Conferences and seminars for researchers
  4. Conferences for Master and Bachelor students
  5. Summer courses for Master and Bachelor students
  6. The conference SAIL on a tall ship, both for students and teachers
  7. Application for Mobility Grant for young researchers
  8. Application for the PhD Award
  9. Rectors’ Conference every third year

Our hope is that our Programme will lead to more visibility and cooperation among researchers, teachers and students. We also hope that we will foster a greater awareness on sustainability and democracy issues as well as facilitate exchange and mobility. In turn, we believe that this leads to more common projects and more success in funding and publications.

Seven added values to any university who is a BUP participating university:

  1. BUP is internationalization in practice
  2. BUP support the mobility of academic teachers, students and researchers
  3. BUP support research cooperation
  4. BUP support implementation of Education fo Sustainable Development (ESD)
  5. BUP strives to develop innovative teaching methods
  6. BUP has a multi- and interdisciplinary approach
  7. Friendships, knowledge and understanding between people and cultures

How to become a BUP Participating University

The procedure to become a BUP Participating University is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Baltic University Programme’s Coordinating Secretariat to let us know that Your university is interested in joning the Programme.
  2. Your university and the Baltic University Programme agrees upon a contract.
  3. Your university then signs (represented by the Rector) the agreement in two copies. Both copies is sent to BUP coordinating secretariat in Uppsala.
  4. Rector of Uppsala University signs the agreement.
  5. The BUP Coordinating Secretariat returns the signed copy to Your university together with an invoice for the annual participating fee (1000 Euro) to be paid.
  6. Your university officially becomes a BUP participating university when the fee is received.

It also means that Your university has free access to all BUP activities.

We welcome any comments or questions on membership with the BUP. Please contact the BUP Coordinating Secretariat!

Download the flyer How to become a BUP Participating University.