BUP Presidency

From 2016 all BUP National Centres will hold the BUP Presidency during a six month period according to a rotation schedule. The rotation was developed to share the responsibilities of some of our events such as the Summer School, but also make possible a more direct opportunity to influence the organizational events. The holder of the BUP Presidency is responsible for the content and arrangement of annual BUP events. In addition to the annual events other events may occur.

During the Presidency the National Centre is encouraged to promote BUP and BUP activities in the own country.

Plan for the BUP countries presidency:

Spring 2016 – Latvia
Autumn 2016 – Finland

Spring 2017 – Ukraine
Autumn 2017 – Lithuania

Spring 2018 – Germany
Autumn 2018 – Poland

Spring 2019 – Estonia
Autumn 2019 – Russia

Spring 2020 – Slovakia
Autumn 2020 – Sweden

Spring 2021 – Belarus
Autumn 2021 – Czech Republic

Spring 2022 – Denmark
Autumn 2022 – Latvia