Space Bridges 2.0

The concept of Space Bridges, was an early form telecommunication between two geographic location, that was implemented between the USA and Soviet Union in the early 1980’s. It reminds much of today’s video conference, with the different being that we today use the internet.

The BUP implemented the technology between 1990-1995, when a series of online lectures and seminars were held between different locations in the region. These Space Bridges was one of the main acitivites in the BUP’s early history and insipried our logo, with the Space Bridge satellite sheeding the light of knowledge over our region.

The BUP Space Bridge between Helsinki University and University of Warsaw, in 1993.
The BUP Space Bridge between Helsinki University and University of Warsaw, in 1993. Photo: BUP

During 2021, we will organize the new version of the BUP space bridge, version 2.0. This time we will connect two universities in the region at the time, with you having the possibility participate from wherever you might be. All you need is an internet connection!

Screenshot from the Space Bridge 2.0, session 1
Presentation during the Space Bridge 2.0 session 1, in January 2021.

You can either join the session by registering for a zoom link, or watch the livestream of the session on the BUP's youtube page.

Upcoming sessions

16 September 2021, Social Sustainability - why and how? Hosted by Åbo Akademi University

5 October 2021, Urban Green infrastructure and Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Cities. Hosted by Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra.

21 October 2021, Rural bioeconomy and insetting strategies. Hosted by Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences

18 November 2021, Topic to be announced. Hosted by Ivan Franko National University of L'viv

2 December 2021, Urban green spaces and citizen perspective. Hosted by Tallinn University

9 December 2021, Democracy in the Baltic Sea Region, Hosted by Lodz Technical University.

Sessions that have been held

Social Sustainability - why and how?

Joining hands
Photo by: Hannah Busing, Unsplash

To explore why and how social sustainability is desired, this seminar uses the Timeout method. Timeout is a new way to generate and have constructive discussions and suitable for people with different backgrounds.

Hosted by Åbo Akademi University

Information about the seminar "Social Sustainability - why and how?"

European Universities Initiative - The Future of European University Starts Today 

Campus of KTU
Campus of KTU. Photo by KTU

Three Lithuanian universities (all BUP Participaring Universities) are partners in three different European University alliances - testing different models of the concept of European Universities. Examination of its potential to transform higher education. ​

Hosted by: Kaunas University of Technology

Information about the seminar "European Universities Initiative - The Future of European University Starts Today"

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