Climate change and water change in the Baltic Sea Region: Drivers and Perspectives.

In the 2st session of the seminar series "Space Bridges 2.0", we will focus on climate change and its impacts on the freshwater in the Baltic Sea Region. We will discuss the drivers and different perspectives on how the water is changing.

Belarusian village by the River Pripyat
Belarusian village by the river Pripyat. Photo: Nick Herasimenka on Unsplash

For the session we have invited severaI expers who will share their research regarding water and climate change. More information, program, presentation of speakers and the registration form can be found on the BUP's website. Welcome!

Quick information

Belarusian State University logoDate and time: 18 February 2021, 14.00-16.30 (CET)

Host: Belarusian State University, Belarus

Co-Host: Uppsala University, Sweden

Location: Online

Open for: Public

Registeration is now closed but you can see the session live on our BUP Youtube channel.


Time (CET) Program

Welcoming notes from BUP's National Centre in Belarus

- PhD. Elena Pilgun


Precipitation and streamflow transformation caused by climate change over the Baltic Sea Region with a focus on Belarus.

- PhD Irina Danilovich


Geophysical factors of climate change in the Northern Hemisphere (solar activity, solar-terrestrial connections)

- PhD Candidate Tim Schlender


Current climate change over territory of  Belarus

-PhD Tatiana Tabalchuk

15.05 Short break with quiz

Mixing regimes of Belarusian lakes caused by climate change.

- Nina Sukhovilo


Climate change and urban water infrastructure: challenges and solutions.

- PhD Maria Falaleeva


Human rights and climate change from an international legal perspective

- Anastasiya Ihnatovich


Closing remarks

- PhD. Elena Pilgun

16.15 End of the session

Keynote speakers

Irina DanilovichPhD.
Irina Danilovich

Associate Professor, Belarusian State University

Irina will give a presentation on the precipitation and streamflow caused by climate change over the Baltic Sea Region with a focus on Belarus.

Tim SchlenderPhD candidate
Tim Schlender

Researcher of the National Ozone Monitoring Research and Education Center, Belarusian State University

Tim will give a presentation on how Geophysical factors impact Climate Change in the Northern Hemisphere.

Tatiana TabalchukPhD.
Tatiana Tabalchuk

Director of the National Ozone Monitoring Research and Education Center, Belarusian State University

Tatiana will give a presentation on the current effects of climate change in Belarus.

Nina SikhoviloPhD Candidate
Nina Sukhovilo

Laboratory of Limnology, Belarusian State University

Nina will give a presentation on the climate change impacts on Belarusian lakes.

Maria FalaleevaPhD.
Maria Falaleeva

Head of the international NGO EKAPRAEKT

Maria will give a presentation on the impacts and possible solutions to climate change and urban water infrastructure.

Anastasiya IhnatovichPhD Candidate
Anastasiya Ihnatovich

Faculty of International Relations, Belarusian State University

Anastasiiya will give a presentation on the relation between human rights and climate change.


Photo of Elena PilgunPhD.
Elena Pilgun

Centre Director BUP Belarus and
Belarusian State University

Elena will be host of the session.

Assoc. Prof. Madeleine GranvikAssociate Professor
Madeleine Granvik

Director of the Baltic University Programme and
Associate Professor at the Department of Earthscience at Uppsala University

Madeleine will be the co-host of the session.

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