Bachelor's Degree: Sustainable Coastal Management

At Novia University of Applied Science, Raseborg, Finland the Degree Programme in Sustainable Coastal Management is offered in English. The programme is 2 years and comprises 240 credits. The programme is meant for students who have already completed at least 2 years of university level studies in a related field (120 credits, for details see general eligibility). These earlier studies will be accredited and included in your degree. The studies are completed as full-time studies in Raseborg. The programme is suitable for students who would like to change the field of studies or supplement their existing university degree with a Bachelor Degree in Natural Resources.

Special focus is put on the coastal area and on the Baltic Sea, but the programme gives a broad environmental understanding that can be useful in several environmental careers. The curriculum consists of courses like Coastal Ecology, Sustainable Coastal Management, Environmental Impact Assessment and Fisheries Resource Management that give a good basis for the students in various environmental careers.

During the studies students are involved in project courses like Sustainable Coastal Management and Bioeconomy Innovation. In the project courses, the students get to work with assignments that are given by real clients. For example, students are working with Marine litter inventories for an NGO in Turku and with a fisherman trying to find usage for trash fish whilst addressing the eutrophication in the Baltic Sea.

For further information please see the Sustainable Coastal Management web site at Novia UAS.