The Environmental Management Book Series

Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important in all parts of society. Up till now good educational material has largely been lacking. This series of books, and orher material connected to them, support master level training in environmental management in higher education. The books can be used for all relevant university educational programmes, although they are especially suitable for engineering programmes.

The series is the result of a cooperation between specialists at universities and practicians in the Baltic Sea region: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus as well as the Netherlands. 

Environmental Policy1. Environmental Policy - Legal and Economic Instruments

Børge Klemmensen, Sofie Pedersen, Kasper R. Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Anneli Marklund, and Lars Rydén.

ISBN: 91-975526-0-7
Pages: 279
Publication date: 2007

Cleaner Production - Technologies and Tools for Resources Efficient Production2. Cleaner Production - Technologies and Tools for Resource Efficient Production

Lennart Nilsson, Per Olof Persson, Lars Rydén, Siarhei Darozhka and Audrone Zaliauskiene

ISBN 91-975526-1-5
Pages: 326
Publication date: 2007

Product Design and LCA3. Product Design and Life Cycle Assessment

Ireneusz Zbicinski, John Stavenuiter, Barbara Kozlowska and Hennie van de Coevering

ISBN 91-975526-2-3
Pages: 314
Publication date: 2006

EMS and Certification4. Environmental Management Systems and Certification

Philipp Weiß and Jörg Bentlage

ISBN 91-975526-3-1
Pages: 268
Publication date: 2006