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You can recieve the latest updates and news directly to your email. We make approximately 1 send out per week, always from our the same address; balticuniversity@lists.uu.se. By signing up, you will recieve the following:

  1. BUP weekly - Sent out every second week with the latest news in a short feed from our programme, member universities and region.
  2. BUP newsletter - Comes out 4 times per year, with articles about past and upcoming events, projects and happenings.
  3. Research Notes Letter - Comes out 3 times per year with some of the latest peer-reviewed publications, doctorial thesis and research reports from our member universities. The Research Note Letter consists of abstracts sent in by the authors themselves.
  4. Annual Reports - Once a year, you will also recieve BUP's annual report.


  1. Send an email to sympa@lists.uu.se with an empty body. In the subject line you write: SUBSCRIBE balticuniversity
  2. Ensure that your that emails from us are not being blocked by your email provider. To unblock or whitelist the BUP mailing-list add the address balticuniversity@lists.uu.se to your contacts. For more information see this page on How to whitelist BUP mailing-list messages.

By subscribing you agree that the BUP will save your email address until you unsubscribe. The email address will only be used internally for the purpose of sending you BUP news. Your email will not be shared with any third party.


You may at any time unsubscribe to the list!

  1. Just send an e-mail to sympa@lists.uu.se with an empty body and with subject "UNSUBSCRIBE balticuniversity” and your e-mail will automatically be removed.

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