Students representatives and ambassadors

Students representatives

The students representatives are elected by the BUP students parliament and represent the students on the BUP international board. Click here to read more about the BUP students parliament.

Student Ambassadors

The Baltic University Programme currently have 13 Student Ambassadors from 8 of the BUP participating universities. They actively promote the BUP and the upcoming events at their home universities and in their home countries. They also function as an additional contact person between the Coordinating Secretariat, the National Centra, but also the Student Representatives and the local universities. There are three different profiles that you can chose to be engaged in as a Student Ambassador; the social media group, the research communication group, and the event group. Based on your group you will be able to work closer with the students that share your interest and you will work together in an international context to promote the BUP.

Click here to read more about the role as a Student Ambassador.

Photo of Simona HalasovaSimona Halasova

Simona wishes for the Baltic Sea Region to enjoy a sustainable environment and optimal economic and social development.

Study: International Master Double Degree Program in Business Economics at Slovak University of Agricultural in Nitra

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Photo of Johanna Liisa JärveläinenJohanna Liisa Järveläinen

Johanna wishes for the Baltic Sea Region to be a region where all the countries contribute equally to biodiversity conservation thus being safe, secure and sustainable for its inhabitants.

Study: Environmental Management at Tallinn University

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Photo of Muhammad KhurramMuhammad Khurram

Muhammad is researching Biomaterial and implants surface modification. He hopes collaboration between universities of the Baltic Region will promote cultural and research activities as well as being helpful for the students.

Study: Doctoral Candidiate for the development of thin film coatings at University of Greifswald

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Photo of Suresh PandeySuresh Pandey

Suresh has a Graduate in MBA strategic Management and leadership from University of Chichester, U.K. and a passion to work in a different culture and background.

Study: Master of Business Administration at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

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Photo of Reza PashaeiReza Pashaei

Reza is PhD candidate in Ecology and Environmental Science at Marine Research Institute of Klaipeda University.

Study: PhD candidate in Ecology and Environmental Science at Klaipeda University

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Photo of Dominika PriečkováDominika Priečková

Dominika works as a social media specialist, has interests in environmental topics and considers herself to be an environmental activist. She is happy to get this chance and is looking forward to being a BUP ambassador.

Study: Master's level of Business Management at Slovak University of Agricultural in Nitra

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Photo of Irfan RasheedIrfan Rasheed

Irfans vision for the Baltic Sea area is that of a region which is prosperous, safe and secure for all its people; open, transparent and inclusive for all nations and nationalities across the region and beyond.

Study: PhD economics at Bila Tserkva National Agrarian University

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Photo of Liis SeenemaaLiis Seenemaa

Liis main interest is sustainable urbanism and how sustainable cities can help adapt to climate changes. In the future Liis hopes to contribute to creating more green cities.

Study: Environmental Management at Tallinn University

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Photo of Alireza TabrizikahouAlireza Tabrizikahou

Alizera sees the Baltic Sea Region as a region with abundant resources, potential, and a promising future, but yet in need of more efforts to develop them.

Study: Phd in Civil Engineering and Transport at Poznan University of Technology

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Photo of Marina ValenćikováMarina Valenćiková

If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking." - Haruki Murakami

Study: Slovak University of Agricultural in Nitra

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Photo of Vira VasylykVira Vasylyk

Vira is hoping to share and learn a lot of new things from the team members. Vira is looking forward to growing her management skills to hopefully develop and inspire a team of her own. 

Study: Business Management at Slovak University of Agricultural in Nitra

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Photo of Olha VdovkinaOlha Vdovkina

Besides studying and doing research, Olga likes to volunteer, especially to help organize events. Olga describes herself as a very caring and social person, always happy with something new, whatever it is, and always going forward, no matter what.

Study: Specialty 205, Forestry at Zaporizhzhia National University

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Photo of Veronika ZábojníkováVeronika Zábojníková

Veronika is a doctoral student with a research area that is focused on quality management and ecological innovations. Veronika likes to read books, travel, and spend time with family and friends. Veronika is looking forward to cooperating with BUP and its students.

Study: Economics and management at Slovak University of Agricultural in Nitra

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Last modified: 2022-06-13