BUP for Students

SAIL for Students

SAIL – Sustainability Applied in International Learning is a BUP summer conference. It is performed on-board the tall ship STS Fryderyk Chopin during two weeks of sailing.

The conference gathers about 30 students and 8 teachers. Both the students and the teachers come from the whole BUP network. The conference takes about two weeks and is performed onboard the ship while sailing in the Baltic Sea or neigboring waters. A part of the conference is on how to sail a sailingship. This includeds all the sailors duties that occur like night watches, kitchen duty, setting and furling sails. The teoretical part of the conference consists of lectures, presentations and groupwork all on some aspect of sustainable development. The conference is organised by the BUP coordinating secretariat at Uppsala University.

Summer Course

In late summer an international and interdisciplinary summer course on sustainable development is organised by the BUP National Centre in Germany.

Student Conference

For students that have participated in any BUP course a BUP Students Conference is organised every spring. The conference includes a session, BUP Students' Parliament, that elects the BUP students representative to the BUP International Board. The conference is organised by the BUP National Centre and in cooperation with the BUP Coordinating Secretariat in Uppsala.

Other Events

Other courses, conferenses or events are occationally orgainsed for students at the BUP Member Universities. Please see the Calendar for a list of upcoming events.