BUP for Students

The Baltic University Programme organises several events and conferences each year intended for students studying at Bachelor and Master level. Organising is often a joint project between two or several Participating Universities. All our activities are focusing on one or several of our BUP themes. Events are open for students from BUP Participating Universities. If you belong to a Participating University there is no course fee. Often, food and accomodation is also included.

Some events are annual e.g. the BUP Student Conference that usually takes place in the spring. Another annual event is a Summer Course organised by BUP in Germany either the BUP Associate Secretariat in Hamburg or the BUP National Centre in Zittau or both in cooperation. 

BUP Master Thesis Training

People sitting in front of laptop
Photo by: Mikael Wallerstedt

The Master Thesis Training is an opportunity for master students to get supervision from a senior from another BUP Participating University. Moreover, it will provide an opportunity to get feedback from other students in the region, build connections with other students, and become better acquainted with other academic perspectives in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment. This training offers an interdisciplinary learning experience, with sustainability as a shared concept.

About the BUP Master Thesis Training 2022

Student Conference

The Baltic University Programme's annual Student Conference 2021, Sustainable food production in the conditions of climate change

Each year, the BUP Student Conference location and program differ. Each conference has a certain focus on the learnings that participating students can take away. The conference aims to develop the participants knowledge on the chosen topic and spark new ideas through interaction with both lecturers and other students.

More information about the Student Conference 2021 (online conference)

Annual Forum for the Baltic Sea Region

Student event poster. Annual Forum 2020

The Baltic University Programme invites students to take part in the Student Delegation to the EU´s Annual Forum for the Baltic Sea Region. Participants will have the chance to take part in both lectures, workshops and panel discussions organized by the BUP and the Forum.

More information about the student delegation

Student Ambassadors

  • get a unique chance to network, 
  • get a chance to show your regional ambitions,
  • cooperate and have fun with other Ambassadors,
  • and receive an official certificate and a personal letter of recommendation.

Interested in becoming Student Ambassadors during the spring term of 2022? The call is open until 10 January 2022. 

The call for Student Ambassadors

Last modified: 2021-12-07