BUP for Teachers

BUP Teachers Conferences

BUP Teachers Conferences for university teachers are organised at least once every year. The theme for the conference is always related to education for sustainable development. The lecturers include distinguised international researchers in the field.

SAIL for Teachers

SAIL for Teachers is a yearly week long course onboard a sailingship. The course takes place onboard while sailing in European coastal waters.

Other Events

Other events, courses and conference are occationally organised for teachers from the BUP Member Universities. Please see the Calendar for a list of upcoming events.

Teaching Materials

The Baltic University Programme has produced a number of textbooks, booklets, films and other course materials. The materials are free to download for everyone and collected on the Course Materials & Other Publications web page.

BUP Teacher's SAIL 2020

BUP teachers SAIL, The galeas Albanus sailing the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic University Programme welcomes university teachers to take part in the teacher’s course "SAIL", Sustainability Applied in International Learning.

Teacher's SAIL is an intensive course for university teachers, with the goal of boosting university teachers skills in training their students in sustainability topics. The course takes place onboard the galeas Albanus with the destination Visby and the BUP symposium.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, BUP Teachers SAIL has been postponed to 2021.