Electro-Mobility Course at HOOU


As part of the Hamburg Open On-line University (HOOU) programme, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is leading a project in the context of which we will prepare and widely make available teaching modules focusing on "Electro-Mobility".

The themes of the Modules are as follows:

  • Module 1: What is e-mobility? (definition, types of e-mobility and practical examples, including the various disciplines affected by e-mobility; development of the industry, perspective on the industry)
  • Module 2: How does e-mobility work? (from technical perspective)
  • Module 3: What does e-mobility require? (organizational, infrastructural view, case studies from other European cities)
  • Module 4: Which risks / "disadvantages" does e-mobility have? (legal aspects e-mobility, procurement of raw materials, etc.)

We are now looking for expressions of interest from suitably qualified colleagues who may wish to be involved in the preparation of the modules. Even though no payments are made, participation in the project ensures a world-wide promotion of the work of the participant authors, documents their work and open the door for interesting collaboration, since the Open Acess format means that thousands of people from around the word will access and use the
teaching modules.

If you are interested to know more about the project and perhaps make a contribution to one or more of the modules, please contact Dr. Jana Dresow.

Deadline: 20th January 2018.

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