Actual problems of the environment and human health


For participants from the Baltic University Programme member universities the deadline for application in the Scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of the environment and human health in conditions of ecological and social changes in Europe and in Ukraine" is prolonged until the 12 of March 2018.

Moreover, the main organizer Ternopil State Medical University is happy to inform the costs of board and lodging for 5 participants from the BUP member universities will be covered by the organizers (first come first served principle applies). The participants would need to cover travel costs only.

Place: Ternopil, Ukraine
Time: May 24-26, 2018

The application and/or abstract is to be send to Е-mail: (Deadline is the 12 of March 2018).

Abstracts will be published in the conference materials. ABSTRACTS are submitted in Ukrainian, Russian or EnglishThesis volume up to 4 pages. All manuscripts should be 1.5 spaced in Times New Roman Font (size: 14, MICROSOFT WORD 97, XP). Paragraph indent – 1,25 sm. The size of the sheet of field - from the top, bottom, left, right - 2.5 sm.

Structure of abstracts:
Title (capital letters)
Initials and surname of authors

We charge fee for abstract publication 2 EUR/page.

AIM OF THE CONFERENCE: to summarize the experience of scientific research in the field of biology, medicine and teaching methods of medical and biological disciplines in Ukraine and abroad; to get acquainted with the main trends in solving the problems of environmental management, ecology and human health in the third millennium.



  1. Biology, distribution, systematics of plants and animals.
  2. Fundamental and Applied Research in Biology and Ecology.
  3. Ecological Problems of Ukraine and Europe regions.
  4. Scientific search for rational using of natural resources in the third millennium.
  5. Influence of human economic activity on the plantage (plant world).
  6. Organization of protection of plant and animals in protected areas of Ukraine and Europe.


  1. Current ecogenetic aspects of human pathology in the conditions of global ecological crisis.
  2. Development of experimental biotechnology and genetic engineering in the context of preserving human health.
  3. Regional medical-ecological problems and ways of their solution.
  4. Influence of the ecological conditions of environment on the development and progression of cancer.
  5. Modern approaches in methods of diagnosis and treatment of Lyme-borreliosis, epidemiological features of the course of the disease in Ukraine and in Europe.
  6. Hygienic estimation of the risk to public health on the environmental impact.
  7. Features of health indicators of the local population of European countries.


  1. History of development of biological sciences in Ukraine and Europe.
  2. Contribution I.I Yaremenko and other scholars in the development of biological science in higher educational institutions of Ukraine and other countries of the world.
  3. Methods of teaching medical and biological disciplines in higher educational institutions.
  4. Educational museums and their role in educational and scientific activities of academic departments.

Please download the Application Form.

The questions concerning the conference are to be sent to:
Chief of Medical Biology Department, Doctor of Medicine, Ph.D., M.D., Professor

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