Join a Consortium on Climate Impacts for Socio-Economic Scenarios


The Baltic Research and Publications Office (BUPRaP) is now putting together a consortium to bid for a project focusing on improving knowledge of expected climate impacts for socio-economic scenarios and for carbon emission futures and corresponding warming levels. The results should support the use of climate impact data in operational climate services and support adaptation policies to reduce vulnerabilities and increase future resilience.

The scheme is to submitted to the European Commission  and the eligible countries Baltic countries are: Germany; Sweden; Norway. Suitably qualified colleagues from these and also from other Baltic countries with proven expertise and publications in  the above areas, are invited to contact the ICCIP team, introducing themselves and their skills and experience. Further details on a potential participation on the project (e.g. scope of the work, tasks and budget) will thenbe discussed.

Before you reply, please note that the EU wants to see the CVs and publications list of each expert, and will check for previous experience and publications on climate impacts for socio-economic scenarios, carbon emission futures and in operational climate services. Please do not engage if you do not have the profile they require.

The Baltic Research and Publications Office (BUPRaP) Team

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Last modified: 2021-08-10