Publications on Climate Change Communication


One of the major needs seen in respect of addressing the various challenges climate change poses to countries, people and ecosystems, is the need for better information, communication and in some cases training, on matters related to climate change. Consistent with the urgency to address this problem, the International Climate Change Information and Research Programme (ICCIRP) has coordinated the inputs by a team of over 100 specialists, who have joined efforts to produce two ground-breaking publications, namely:

1. The Handbook of Climate Change Communication, the most comprehensive work produced to date on the topic, structured around 3 volumes:

Volume 1- Theory of Climate Change Communication

Volume 2- Practice of Climate Change Communication

Volume 3- Case Studies in Climate Change Communication

2. Addressing the Challenges in Communicating Climate Change Across Various Audiences Describes research on and applications of climate change communication in a comprehensive way, with highly international coverage.

It is hoped that these publications, published as part of the Climate Change Management Series may help to better communicate what climate change is, and the means via which the different stakeholders may be involved in the process (e.g. climate scientists, researchers, policy-makers, aid development agencies, NGOs, education specialists, students). It is also hoped that they may inspire further works in this central area. The Calls for Papers for the events run by ICCIRP can be seen at:

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