Magda Barecka winner of the BUP PhD Award 2018 in the category Natural Sciences and Engineering


The winner of the Baltic University Programme Annual Award for best PhD thesis defended in 2017-2018 in the category Natural Sciences and Engineering is Dr. Magda Barecka, Lodz University of Technology and TU Dortmund. Her thesis has the title: Process retrofitting through Process Intensification: a structured approach


Photo of Magda Barecka
Magda Barecka

The award committee´s motivation is as follows: The Baltic University Programme award is a distinction given to the author of what is judged to be a well qualified PhD work. The work has to be defended at one of the member universities of the Baltic University Programme. In the review the following criteria are used:

Step 1: inter-/multi disciplinary approach, novelty, innovation, and value for promoting sustainable development, and in

Step 2: method, theory, empirical research, discussion.

Dr. Barecka’s research area covers of one of the key challenges in chemical industry; efficiency and sustainability. Bulk chemical production processes are usually matured and optimized but at high production rates, even a minor reduction of the operational costs results in increasing efficiency and sustainability of the processes. Therefore, retrofit projects target at additional process improvements determining critical unit operations limiting the plant’s performance. The original contribution of the thesis is the development of the overall selection and analysis method for retrofit options confirmed by extensive case studies. Systematic approach for process retrofitting presented in Dr. Barecka thesis, enabling a comprehensive process analysis followed by a selection of the most promising solutions is a step towards sustainable chemical industry.

The prize according to the announcement

The winner will receive a prize in the form of a diploma and a sum up to 500 Euro to cover travel costs and/or accommodation for attending a research conference. In addition, BUP will also cover travel costs and accommodation for presenting the research during one of the BUP events in 2018/2019. According to the information stated above we invite Magda Barecka to receive her diploma and present her research during the 6th BUP PhD Students Training, which will be held 25 – 29 November in Rogow, Poland.

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