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My name is Anette Oxenswärdh and I am a researcher at Uppsala university, campus Gotland. My research is about organizational learning and responsibility. I am interested in exploring how this learning process gets started, how to design it, what strategies can be used to promote and maintain sustainability? I am researching the various processes in the meeting between visitors and their hosts in the hospitality industry. How this knowledge is spread between the parties and how the rest of society both controls and supports these processes? All these processes are important and needed for the more sustainable development in the hospitality industry. 

Now I am planning a network for researchers who are interested in this field of research. My overall aim with this project is to share knowledge on the issues of sustainability by using processes of collective learning and by building a network among universities and researchers as well as practitioners across the Baltic region within tourisms. The network could be called as Creating and sharing sustainability knowledge with hospitality industry.

If you are interested in joining the network, please contact me via email: Anette Oxenswärdh

Looking forward to getting in touch with you!

Anette Oxenswärdh
Phd, university lecturer
Uppsala University
Department of Engineering Sciences
Division of Quality Technology
Campus Gotland

ph: +46 701 67 99 24

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