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New Horizon 2020 joint project on bioplastics: HAW Hamburg raises 8.4 million euros in subsidies. Again good news for the Research and Transfer Centre Sustainability and Climate Impact Management of HAW Hamburg. In its research programme HORIZON 2020, the European Union supports the BIOPLASTIC EUROPE project initiated by HAW Hamburg with a total of 8.4 million euros - of which HAW Hamburg receives almost one million euros.

HAW Hamburg is the consortium leader of the international joint project BIOPLASTIC EUROPE. The partner consortium is investigating problems associated with the treatment and disposal of plastic waste. To this end, innovations in the field of bioplastics production are to be initiated. The joint project with a total volume of 8.4 million euros comprises 22 partners from science, industry and associations from eleven countries. A further 20 network partners, including companies such as TetraPak and Adidas, are also involved.

The planned start of the four-year research project is autumn 2019. The project coordinator is Prof. Dr. Dr. Walter Leal, based at the Life Science Faculty of HAW Hamburg and head of the European School of Sustainability Science and Research (ESSSR). Prof. Dr. habil. Gesine Witt, Professor of Environmental Chemistry at HAW Hamburg, is also involved in the project. Coordinator Professor Dr. Walter Leal, who is extremely pleased with this good news, explains:
"It is no longer enough to reduce plastic consumption. Although this is an important step, novel plastic substitutes must also be produced using biobased materials. This is a plastic that is produced on the basis of renewable raw materials, is biodegradable and therefore poses fewer dangers to fauna, flora and human health."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Netzel, Vice President for Research, Transfer and International Affairs, is also pleased about the European research project HORIZON 2020 at HAW Hamburg:
"HAW Hamburg has been working consistently for years to raise European funding. The fact that we were able to achieve such a success with the BIOPLASTIC EUOROPE project is the result of the careful preparatory work of many colleagues at HAW Hamburg."

Plastic waste poses a major threat to the environment and thus to human health. Almost 70 percent of the approximately 10 million tons of waste that are washed into the oceans every year are made of plastic. Problems associated with plastic waste have now reached such proportions that the United Nations has sounded the alarm. All countries are called upon to take urgent action to combat the problem. In addition to the German government, which recently initiated concrete measures to reduce the consumption of plastics, the European Union is also helping to fight plastic waste.

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