Dominika Sobotka Winner of the BUP PhD Award 2019


Dominika SobotkaDr. Dominika Sobotka, Gdansk University of Technology is the winner of the BUP Award 2019 for best thesis in 2018 in the category Natural Sciences, Technology and Engineering. The thesis is entitled: Investigation of the efficiency of nitrogen removal in a sequencing batch reactor with anammox granular biomass.

The dissertation of Dr. Dominika Sobotka presents a comprehensive research covering nitrogen removal from municipal and industrial wastewaters. The PhD thesis is distinguished for the novelty on the cultivation and characterization of enriched anammox sludge and the determination of optimal parameters of the anammox process for treatment nitrogen-rich wastewater. Modern research methods required for the disciplines of environmental engineering, biotechnology, and material engineering are used in the dissertation. The dissertation deliveres evidence that deammonification in both, side- and mainstreams with the help of anammox process decreases the energy requirements for waste water treatment plants, reduces organic carbon source demands and minimizes the problem of disposal and reuse of activated sludge. The thesis meets all the criteria for supporting of sustainable development showing openings for reduction of excessive loads of nitrogen and phosphorus to rivers that pass into the Baltic Sea

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Last modified: 2021-08-09