BUP Newsletter no. 60


This issue focuses entirely on the BUP Symposium 2020, titled Research and Innovation for a Sustainable Baltic Sea Region.

The symposium is held on Campus Gotland, Uppsala University, Visby, between August 24 - 28, 2020.

There are three parts of the BUP Symposium:

1. Parallel BUP events Monday 24th of August 2020.
For further information, please see the program on pages 18-20, or follow this link for the latest version: http://www.bupsymposium2020.se/program.

There are two different scientific conferences within the symposium:

2. BUP Research Forum - Research and Innovation for a Sustainable Baltic Sea Region. Tuesday 25th of August - Wednesday 26th of August.

This conference will stress the following different themes that will have their own sessions at the conference: Climate Change and Renewable Energy, Sustainable Food Systems, Sustainable Water Resources, Urban-Rural Development, Sustainable Mobility, Circular Economy, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), Sustainable Tourism and Sustainable Societies. You may submit an abstract for the theme sessions at the BUPSYMPOSIUM2020 at this link: http://www.bupsymposium2020.se/register-submit/submit-abstract.

3. 5th World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities (WSSD-U-2020). Thursday 27th of August - Friday 28th of August.

The symposium is entitled: ”Universities, Sustainability and Society: Supporting the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals”, and will contribute to the further development of this fast-growing field. For further information, please follow this link for the latest version: https://www.haw-hamburg.de/en/ftz-nk/events/wssd-u-2020.html.

Download the BUP Newsletter no. 60 on this link.

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