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A Supervisor Collegium to aid PhD and Master students


One of the new initiatives in the BUP is to develop a Supervisor Collegium for master- and PhD students at BUP Participating Universities. The BUP is now looking for colleagues to contribute with their skills and knowledge to supervise students from Participating Universities all over the region.

The Supervisor Collegium is a group of colleagues who take one the roles as extra supervisors for students during their PhD- och Master-thesis. This is a win-win situation. Both for students who can get a second set of support, but also for supervisors who get to add this to their skillset.

Being a part of the BUP Supervisor Collegium opens up new possibilities for colleagues, but also fills other needs. For example, it gives the possibility to have an overview of who can be an opponent on a thesis, or be a part of the examination committee for a PhD defence.  The BUP also plan for seminars and different kinds of learning exchange opportunities within the BUP Supervisor Collegium.

Starting now, The BUP has two training programs, the PhD Training Program and the Master Thesis Training. The main aim for both of the programs, is to give each student is the possibility to have some extra supervision from an external supervisor when working with their thesis. The interdisciplinary PhD Training Program have been given on an annual basis since 2013. This semester, The BUP is adding to this, and is also starting a Master Thesis Training which will take place for the first time during the spring semester of 2022. The BUP is therefore looking for supervisors to support the students.

In practice, being a part of the Supervisor Collegium would mean displaying your name and contact information along with a short presentation about your research interests. It will be collected in a document that will be available to students interested in writing their thesis on any topic related/of relevance to Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region.

Since the start in 1991, the BUP has been working in this way, actively pooling the knowledge of colleagues from the 12 BUP countries and different Participating Universities and disciplines. Together, we contribute with knowledge to develop projects like these, as well as other projects and research. The BUP hope it is of interest to you, to be a part of an international university co-operation and to be able to share and spread your knowledge in such a context.

If it sounds like an interesting opportunity or if you have any questions, please contact emma.stockvall@balticuniv.uu.se.

Call for applications for IFZO-Research Fellowship

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Baltic Sea Region Research (IFZO) has opened the call to award four research fellowships. They are looking for scholars at doctorial and postdoctoral level who are looking to support research abour transformations in the Baltic Sea region and would benefit from a period of residence in Griefswald. 

Logo of the IFZO in Griefswald

The application deadline is the 15 November 2021. The IFZO invites applicants from scholars who are willing to contribute to this programme as well as engage in an interdisciplinary manner with researchers from the wider Baltic Sea region. The IFZO accomodates seven research themes:

  • Cultural Heritage
  • Energy
  • Security and International Relations
  • Regional Development and Rural Areas
  • New Nationalism 
  • Sustainability
  • Regional Land Use Dynamics

Applications are welcomes from those scholars who work on case studies with a strong connection to the Baltic Sea region or which follow a strong conceptual appraoch that can benefit the centre. There are a number of benefits to becoming an IFZO-Fellow which include time to research, access to an extensive network and a close research environment. 

Full details which include details of the fellowship duration and stipend, along with the guidelines and material necessary for application can be found below

Information PDF

Further information:

University of Greifswald, IFZO, Interdisciplinary Centre for Baltic Sea Region Research, Bahnhofstrasse 51, 17487 Greifswald, Germany, ifzo@uni-greifswald.de 

Logo of the University of Greifswald

Last modified: 2022-01-13