Two Steps: Internationalization in Practice – Sweden, Ukraine, Belarus

Project period January - December 2019.

First meeting
Place: Uppsala, Sweden
Date: 27 - 29 May 2019

Sweden - Belarus

Sweden - Ukraine

The Coordinating Secretariat of BUP at Uppsala University has received a special grant from the Swedish Institute to develop a program aimed at strengthening internationalization and cooperation with the countries of the Eastern Partnership (EaP), in the case of BUP with Belarus and Ukraine. We hope that such initiative will support our member universities in Belarus and Ukraine to establish contact and cooperation with the Swedish universities as well as strengthen Swedish universities' competence and interest to these almost neighboring countries.

Based on 28 years of experience in collaboration within BUP, we see that there is no developed contact, communication and continuous cooperation with international offices at each member university for the BUP program. We believe that in order to create the best conditions for successful internationalization work, the cooperation between the respective universities international offices needs to be strengthened.

Therefore BUP invites two representatives from each of the BUP member universities in Belarus, Ukraine and Sweden. The head of international office/ vice rectors on international cooperation/Erasmus coordinators or persons occupying similar positions are welcome to apply to be partners in the project called “Two steps: Internationalization in practice – Sweden, Ukraine, Belarus “.

The Goals of the Project are:

  • to create better conditions for collaboration. One of the requirements for this is to develop knowledge on the respective countries 'and universities' prerequisites for internationalization.
  • to identify and map the real needs of the respective BUP member universities in Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden regarding international cooperation
  • to establish a network of officials at international offices at the BUP member universities. Within this project the focus is Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden. In the nearest future BUP aims to reach the same target group at the other member universities in all 12 BUP countries.
  • to foster university's participation in international networks and partnerships that add value and can generate external funding.

We do hope that the project will result in increasing the number of partnerships and exchange contracts between Sweden, Ukraine and Belarus regarding international cooperation in research and education.

The project includes two steps- two meetings. The first one will be focus on the familiarization with the internalization work at Swedish universities and universities in Ukraine and Belarus. The workshops and discussions will be focused on identifying challenges and obstacles but also on possible solutions as well as forms for cooperation. The participants will be able to meet and discuss, to develop knowledge both about each other's prerequisites and needs to strengthen internationalization, to examine how concrete cooperation can look like. Information on the instruments for internalization should be provided. As the result of first step we expect an action plan how we achieve the goals/common plan for concrete cooperation to be developed after the group work.

The second step will be planned to follow up and report on the steps that has been done to improved conditions for long-term cooperation between universities in Sweden and the countries of Eastern Partnership. We plan also for the concrete actions for encouraging collaboration as study visits, partners fair and possible meeting for signing the agreements.

If you have further questions, please contact a project coordinator Lyudmyla Babak.

Swedish Institute