Newsletter & BUP weekly

We publish two types of news updates; the BUP weekly and the BUP Newsletter.

  1. BUP weekly - Sent out approximately every second week with the latest news in a short feed from our programme, participating universities and region.
  2. BUP newsletter - Published three times per year, with articles about past and upcoming events, projects and happenings.


Issue. Date of publication. Newsletter pdf-file.

63. 2020-12-02. Newsletter 63-2020
62. 2020-06-23. Newsletter 62-2020
61. 2020-03-27. Newsletter 61-2020
60. 2019-12-19. Newsletter 60-2019
59. 2019-11-15. Newsletter 59-2019
58. 2019-04-10. Newsletter 58-2019


BUP Newsletter archive

Invitation to contribute

Some considerations:

  • Write in English
  • No more than 500 words
  • Explain the relation to the BUP
  • Name author and photographer, and their relation to BUP
  • Mention which Participating University/colleague is involved and how
  • What is the scientific content/outcome (learnings, publishings, new cooperation/project etc) of the activity

E-mail your contribution the the BUP Communications Officer: Ulrika Jansson Klintberg