Education and educational materials for ESD

1. Educational materials on Sustainable Development produced by the BUP

The Baltic University Programme has produced a lot of materials for courses in various aspects of sustainable development.

The BUP course material is organised in a number of suggested courses. The material is free to use for everyone and possible to download from the web site BUP Resources.

The courses include:

A Sustainable Baltic Region
The course deals with sustainable use and management of natural resources, the long-term protection of our environment and the sustainable organizations of human societies from the level of households to those of municipalities, cities and countries.

10 booklets published in 1997.

Area Studies
The Area Studies courses are undergraduate courses that treat the Baltic Sea region and its societies under eight headings: history, culture, languages, democracy, multiculturality, social conditions, economics, and security. 

Textbook published in 2002.

Ecosystem Health & Sustainable Agriculture

A series of three textbooks:
Book 1: Sustainable Agriculture 
Book 2: Ecology and Animal Health
Book 3: Rural Development and Land Use

Textbooks published in 2012.

Environmental Management

A series of four textbooks:
Book 1: Environmental Policy - Legal and Economic Instruments
Book 2: Cleaner Production - Technologies and Tools for Resource Efficient Production
Book 3: Product Design and Life Cycle Assessment
Book 4: Environmental Management Systems and Certification

Textbooks published in 2006.

Environmental Science
Understanding, protecting and managing the environment in the Baltic Sea Region

This book has been written to provide students in the Baltic Sea region with material to study environmental science as it has developed and been applied in their own countries.

Textbook published in 2003.

Sustainable Water Management

A series of three textbooks:
Book 1: The Waterscape
Book 2: Water Use and Management
Book 3: River Basin Management

Textbooks published in 2000.

The Uzwater compendia are produced exclusively for master level courses at the universities in the Uzwater project.

Compendia published 2015 - 2016.

BUP Sustainable Development Course
Chapter 12. Education

Chapter 12a: The politics of ESD
Chapter 12b: Teaching sustainable development - A guide for teachers
Chapter 12c: Learning sustainable development - A guide for learners

In addition BUP has produced a large number of educational films. Many are found on the BUP YouTube channel.

2. Educational materials on ESD submitted by users

Think Before You Buy
Choose products with less hazardous substances
by: Heli Nõmmsalu, Katrin Juhanson, Tiina Elvisto, Marju Robal, Ludmila Karule and Olga Glikasa

Changing environmental behaviour and changing consumption patterns is a very long process and takes generations. Therefore, young people – children, pupils, teenagers, are an important target group; their behaviour habits are still developing and they are most susceptible to new information. This handbook has been developed for currently practicing teachers and future educators – student teachers who are currently learning their profession. It is intended to be used as a practical tool to raise the awareness of youth about how we may be exposed to hazardous substances in our everyday life and how our everyday choices affect our health and the environment we live in.

Think before you buy

WISE Handbook
Athens – Brno – Porto – Uppsala – Warsaw

WISE Handbook