Educational Materials for Circular Economy

1. Educational materials on Circular Economy produced by the Baltic University Programme.

A Sustainable Baltic Region
Session 8: Ecological Economics – Markets, prices and budgets in a sustainable society
Editor: Tomasz Zylicz, Warsaw University
Pages: 52
Publication date: February 1997
SBR Session 8
Ecosystem Health & Sustainable Agriculture
Book 1: Sustainable Agriculture

Chapter 19: Economic Analysis of Environmentally Safe Technologies in Agriculture

Chapter 55: Economic and Business Principles for Farm Management 

Chapter 56: Conditions for Effective Operation of Farms 
EHSA Sustainable Agriculture

Book 3: Rural Development and Land Use

Chapter 9: Economic Development and Work Opportunities in Rural BSR 

Chapter 25: Economic Instruments 
Environmental Management
Book 1: Environmental Policy - Legal and Economic Instruments 
by Klemmensen, B. Pedersen, S., Rydén, L. and Dirckinck-Holmfeld, K. R.
271 pages
Published: 2007
Environmental Management 1
Environmental Science
Chapter 19: The Cost of Pollution - Environmental Economics
by Cekanavicius, L., Semeniene, D., Oosterhuis, F. and Ekko van Ierland
Environmental Science - Environmental Economics

Sustainable Development and Economy
An interview with Svante Axelson produced 1997 by Peter Ocskay for the Baltic University Programme.

Svante Axelsson
Prosperity Without Growth: Tim Jackson PART ONE Tim Jackson
BUP Sustainable Development Course
Chapter 10: Economy and Sustainable Development

Chapter 10a: Economy and ecology – a single system
Chapter 10b: The dilemma of economic growth
Chapter 10c: Tools for approaching a sustainable economy

2. Educational materials on Circular Economy submitted by users.