NST First Online Meeting

The first NST online meeting will take place 12th September, at 13.00-15.00.

At the first meeting we will shortly present ourselves and our research interests (only 1-2 min each), discuss, and plan for the continued work in the network. Please note that longer presentations are not possible in this meeting. You will find presentations of the researchers on the NST-page at the BUP web.

For the moment, we are no less than 36 members from 12 different countries around the Baltic Sea (and more) in this network. This is fantastic and gives us a huge opportunity to share our research results and co-operate with each other. In order to try to find suitable research projects for us we need to map our areas of competences and interests.  Some of you have already send your research profile to BUP, which I thank you for and those of you who has not yet done so, please send soon as possible a brief description of your research interest (max 500 words) and a list of your publications to Christian Andersson for uploading to our webpage.

Looking forward to networking with you and wishing to meet online at the 12/9!
Kindly Anette