Education and educational materials for Sustainable Water Resources

1. Educational materials produced by the BUP.


Urban Water Management
Editor: Elzbieta Plaza
Baltic University Urban Forum
Urban Management Guidebook I
BUUF 1: Urban Water Management


Ecosystem Health & Sustainable Agriculture is a series of three books all of which contains materials on the use and management of water resources.
  1. Sustainable Agriculture
  2. Ecology and Animal Health
  3. Rural Development and Land Use
Ecosystem Health & Sustainable Agriculture
Environmental Science
This book has been written to provide students in the Baltic Sea region with material to study environmental science as it has developed and been applied in their own countries. The environmental problems we face here, and need to solve here, are specifically addressed in the book. The extraordinary resources we have in this region, which we should protect, are also described.
Environmental Science

Sustainable Water Management
The Sustainable Water Management is a series of three books intend to give a professional knowledge on the state of the water resources in the Baltic region, their present use and management.

  1. The Waterscape
  2. Water Use and Management
  3. River Basin Management
Sustainable Water Management

2. Other educational materials

Sustainable Stormwater Management and Ecosystem Services

The course "Sustainable Stormwater Management and Ecosystem Services" was developed by the partners Turku University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and Kaunas University of Technology, supported by the Baltic University Programme Research and Publications Office (BUPRaP) and the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP). The work was funded by the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS).

The course is meant for BSc, MSc and PhD students who are interested in stormwater management, city planning and water-related technologies, as well as other interested persons working in government agencies and industry.

The course is structured around 3 modules:

a) The first module gives a general introduction into the subject from an EU perspective. National policies and legislation in Lithuania, Germany and Finland are introduced briefly. General planning tools and methods are presented.

b) The second module presents technical solutions and tools for stormwater management, including assessment of runoff and different types of infrastructure.

c) The third module provides tools and practical examples for detailed planning of sustainable stormwater management solutionsand ecosystem services. Concrete examples from Finland are presented, along with opinions of local planners and other professionals.

All modules can also be worked on separately.

Sustainable Strormwater Mangement and Ecosystem Services

Module 1: Introduction to Sustainable Stormwater Management

Integrated Stormwater Management, module 1

Module 2: Technologies and Methods

Integrated Stormwater Management, module 2

Module 3: Stormwaters in Urban Planning

Integrated Stormwater Mangement, module 3