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Baltic Smart Water HubThe Baltic Smart Water Hub –  is an online platform showcasing good practices, technical solutions and tools, as well as other relevant materials for the water sector in the Baltic Sea Region. Browse the cases, submit your own, and contact our experts for more information!

The content published on the Hub is distributed along the following areas of the water management: FRESH WATER (including river-basin and lake cooperation), STORM WATER, WASTE WATER (including sludge handling) and SEA WATER (including coastal areas management and shipping). 

Plastic Pollution
The impact on our oceans and what we can do about it.

This is a comprehensive guide detailing the facts and figures of plastic pollution, the impact on our oceans and marine life, and much more. You may also find web version of the guide on this link.

The Aral Sea in 1964
The Aral Sea in 1964

It was once the fourth largest lake in the world. Fed primarily by snowmelt and precipitation from faraway mountains, the Aral Sea supported extensive fishing communities and a temperate oasis in a mostly arid region of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Read more: Shrinking Aral Sea by Rebecca Lindsey, NASA.